Introduction: Maple Flavored Foam

This could be made with real maple suryp and would be much better.  As a New Englader I kind of cringe at the the thought of using flavored syrup.  Don't get me started on corn suryp.  You could replace the maple suryp with corn suryp (Its mostly corn suryp anyways) and use any flavoring you like.

Step 1: Ingredents

1 c maple flavored syrup
1/2c white sugar
2 tsp white vinegar
2 tsp baking soda


Buttered dish
2qt Sauce pan
Candy thermometer

Step 2: Boil Boil

First butter a dish about 1qt size (micro wave proof) (you might want to line it with tin foil or wax paper)  (A silcone dish would come in handy with this recipe making removal much easer)

Add the syrup, sugar and vinegar to the sauce pan and place thermometer on the side don't rest it on the bottom.  You might have to tilt the pan to take measurements.  Heat to 300deg F.

Step 3: I Just Love to Do This

Spoon a little on the boiling mixture into some cold  water  it should be at the hard crack stage.  While your waiting ready the backing soda.

This is a good link with videos on the different candy stages

Step 4: Time to Make the Foam

Add all the Baking soda at once and stir.

Step 5: Pour

Pour mixture into prepared pan and let cool.


Step 6: Cool and Remove From Pan

Cool (I place the pan out side to cool it off quicker.) 

It cooled to a hard rock unremovable from the pan.   20sec in the microwave on high and the foam slipped out of the pan.  Cut or brake into bite size pieces. 

Stick to your teeth and injoy.  mmmm maple
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