Introduction: Mapping My Neighborhood in Case of Emergency.

In case of emergency and/or disaster you can map your neighborhood to get to know the people and have a plan. In general this is part of :

  1. Prepare
  2. Respond
  3. Recover


  1. Paper
  2. Clipboard
  3. Pen / Pencil

Step 1: Sketch Out Your Neighborhood

A general outline is fine to start.

Step 2: Walk House to House and Get to Know Your Neighbors.

  1. Get to know their names.
  2. Explain your mission.
  3. Ask if they'd like to be part of the neighborhood emergency preparedness plan.
  4. Get their email and phone and ask if they are willing to share it with all of the neighbors.
  5. Find out what career fields they are in and skill sets they are willing to share.
  6. Ask what equipment they'd be willing to share.
  7. Assign roles.

Step 3: Document and Share Your Information

  1. Once you return home document and update your map.
  2. Add contact info of those willing to share to a common data base.
  3. Share with the neighborhood team.

Step 4: Schedule Quarterly Meetings

  1. As the neighborhood lead schedule quarterly meetings in the dive way.
  2. Encourage everyone to get CERT and First Aid trained.
  3. Keep updates once per quarter.
  4. The CERT manual is available for free here:
  5. Keep training!
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