Introduction: Marble Bullet

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I made this for the glass challenge but I will also publish it. Want decor want cool looking bullets use this make cool decoration for any room. (You can probably polish your marble up more than mine)


1. Empty bullet casings
2. Cheap marbles
3. Epoxy
4. Belt sander
5. 4’’ Clamp
6. Q-tip

Step 1: Using the Epoxy

You will need to put the marble on the opening on the casing. Put it into the clamp and where the casing and marble meet apply the epoxy.

Step 2: Patience Is Key

Let the epoxy set, I have 5 minute epoxy I always wait 10 minutes.

Step 3: Set Up

Get your sander and set it up. You WILL need this.

Step 4: Caution

Don’t sand in one spot too long because it will crack and maybe ruin your marble. That happened to me.

Step 5: Finished

Polish up your marble and get is sanded to a shape that you like. After that you are done

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