Marble Cannon

Introduction: Marble Cannon

Physics Marble Cannon 2018

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need to use

1- wood plank(for base)

3- narrow wood pieces

1- broom handle or 3/4 inch do

1- 3/4 inch PVC pipe

1- 1/2 inch dowel rod

2 - eye hooks

2 - springs

2 - circle connecter things

2- galvanized tube straps

2- L brackets


1- roll of duct tape

1- bolt

1- end nut

1-screw clamp

1- protractor (optional)

Step 2: Base

For the base, you need 3 wood planks, 1 base wood plank, 17 screws and 2 L brackets the broom handle and 2 rainbow connectors and some duct tape. Attach 2 wood pieces on each side of the larger wood piece using the L brackets, then put the third wood piece on top of the two and screw it into place. Next put a few layers of duct tape where you plan to attach the rainbow connectors, to prevent the cannon from moving when launched but allowing the cannon to change trajectory. Then put the broom handle on top of the base and secure in place using the galvanized tube clamps.

Step 3: Barrel

For this step, you will need the PVC pipe, 2 eye hooks, 2 springs, and 1 circle connector thing, 1 bolt, and 1 bolt stopper. Cut the PVC pipe to 20 inches. Then attach the eye hook onto a sping and repeat the process a second time then put the circle connector around the PVC and put the screw end of the eyelet inside the connector also, tighten until you can't move the pieces. Next, you will need to cut the dowel rod to 8 inches and drill a hole with a diameter of 1cm from one end. Take the bolt and pass it through the hole at the end of one spring then through the dowel rod, then through the hole at the end of the other spring. Finally, screw the bolt ender piece on to the end of the bolt and twist until tight.

Step 4: Joining the Pieces

Now that you have both the base and the barrel you join the pieces together to finish the cannon. Use one galvanized tube clamp and 2 screws, put the barrel centered on top of the broom handle and place a galvanized tube clamp over the PVC the sides of the galvanized tube clamp should be on the broom handle where you should screw the connector in place on the handle. Add some duct tape to the PVC pipe above the galvanized tube clamp to prevent the PVC pipe from slipping. Now, if you wish, add the protractor to the end of the broom handle by putting a screw through the protracter and end of the handle.

Step 5: Equations

The equations on the pink sheet show the time that the marble was in the air before hitting the ground and the equations on the white sheet show the initial velocity of the marble as it was launched from the cannon

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