Introduction: Marble Storer

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I know it sounds weird but a Chinese checkers board in a box is the perfect marble storer. If you have a Chinese checkers board but none of the pieces to play, this is perfect for you, that is if you have marbles!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need a Chinese checkers board, something you can store it in (optional), and some marbles. I recommend to get the storage item so your marbles aren't rolling around all the time. It can be as simple as a plastic bag if you want

Step 2: Assembling

Place the marbles on the Chinese checkers board in whatever place you like if you have enough fill the whole board!

Step 3: Storing

Put the board into the storage item. Remember, it can be as simple as a plastic bag or as complex as a specially made tin as long as the bird fits in it.

Step 4: Ideas

You can store lots of things on a Chinese checkers board, basically anything round that fits in the holes. If you have more than one Chinese checkers board you can half your amount of marbles and spread them in a cool pattern on each one.