Introduction: Marble Swirled Nail Art

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Hey momoluvers, it's momo! Today I'll be making this lovely nail art that shows a whole new way to do the marble swirled effect!

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Step 1: Supplies

1- 3 nail polish colors. They don't have to all be the same color, you can have a purple, and orange and a pink if you want, I just chose three blues

2- white nail polish

3- tiny dotting tool or toothpick

4- clear base coat and top coat

5- tiny brish

Step 2: Base Coat

Remove all of the previous nail polish on your nails if any

Apply your preferred base coat. I use Sally Hansen nail nutrition that keeps your nails long and strong, I purchased mine at Ulta Beauty if you'd like to get a bottle

Step 3: White Polish

Apply two very thin layers of white polish

Apply one coat and wait 15 minutes then apply one more thin coat and let it dry for another 15 minutes

Step 4: Three Colors

Take your three color varying from lightest to darkest

Starting with the lightest color put about 4-5 dots on the right side of your nail

With the medium tone color, add about 3-4 dots around the lighter ones

Then with the darkest shade, add about 2-3 dots in between the others.

Step 5: Swirl

Take the tiny brush and begin swirling the color around eachother. First start in sideways lines then vertical lines and then randomly swirl it. This will make your nails look beautiful and unique every time.

Let it dry for another 15 minutes

Step 6: Top Coat

Apply the clear top coat over the nails but make sure it's very thin.

Step 7: Dots

With the remaining polish on the brush, put small dots along the edge of the marble swirl

Step 8: Finished!

And that's it! I hope y'all enjoyed this elegant yet simple tutorial for beautifully fancy nails. Thanks so much for voting in the beauty contest! Love y'all •_£

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