Introduction: Marbled Stationary

This is a quick, fun craft to make marbled stationary, cards, envelopes, or anything you want!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Aluminum cake pan

Food coloring

1 can of shaving cream


Painter’s tape

Thick paper (card stock is preferable)

Paper plates



Paper towels

Step 2: Spray Shaving Cream Into Aluminum Cake Pan

Spray about half the can of shaving cream into the aluminum cake pan.

Step 3: Add Drops of Food Coloring to the Shaving Cream

Add 7 - 10 drops of desired food coloring into the shaving cream. You can add as many colors as you want. Add more if you want more color, or fewer if you want less color.

Step 4: Swirl Food Coloring Into Shaving Cream

Using a spoon or knife, swirl the food coloring into the shaving cream. Don't over mix it! You want to make sure to leave white space to create the marble effect.

Step 5: Optional: Add Spots of Bold Color

If you'd like thicker lines or bolder colors in some spots, add several drops of food coloring to a paper plate and dip the toothpicks into the food coloring. Swirl the color into the shaving cream as much as desired. If you want thicker lines, you can also use a straw.

Step 6: Prepare the Paper

Use the painter's tape to block off any portion of the card stock paper you don't want to color. This can be used to create patterns and borders.

Step 7: Press Paper Into Shaving Cream

Press your prepared paper into the shaving cream face down. Press it down firmly into the shaving cream to ensure that the paper gets evenly dyed.

Step 8: Remove Paper From Shaving Cream

Wait 10 - 12 seconds before removing the paper from the shaving cream. Don't leave it in too long or the paper will be too wet! Place the paper on a paper towel shaving cream side face up.

Step 9: Remove the Shaving Cream

While the paper is laying down, use the ruler to scrape the shaving cream off the dyed paper. Remove as much as you can with the ruler. Try to do this quickly so that the paper doesn't become too wet.

Step 10: Remove Excess Shaving Cream

Using a dry paper towel, pat the paper to remove any excess shaving cream. Continue to pat the shaving cream off until there is no more left on the paper.

Step 11: Dry and Finish

Set your paper aside. Wait 10 - 15 minutes, or until the paper feels completely dry to touch.

After paper is completely dry, remove the tape slowly and enjoy!