Introduction: Margaret Mead House in Minecraft

This is an instruction on how to build the Margaret Mead House from Doylestown Pa in Minecraft 1.13 or above.

Step 1: To Begin...

Start with an open area.

Step 2: Basic Layer

Start with a single layer using blue concrete, quartz stairs, bricks, and brick stairs.

Step 3: First Story Window

Begin with the first story window in the formation in the picture using white stained glass, blue concrete and quartz stairs.

Step 4: Door Way & Second Story Window

Raise the door way using blue concrete and use quartz blocks and stairs to create a small roof. Then continue the main window up to the second story.

Step 5: Finishing the Front Wall

Finish off the window and raise the blue, concrete wall up in a pointed way, shown in the picture.

Step 6: Begin the Roof

Use stone brick blocks and stairs to build the roof.

Step 7: Second Window and Roof

Use the same blocks from the first window to creat the second window like the formation in the picture. Then use stone brick stairs to build the second roof.

Step 8: Connecting the Roofs

Expand both roofs until they connect at each layer.

Step 9: Interior of Windows

Use dark oak planks to surround the windows on the inside. This will make it as if there is an interior. You can also add end rods to add some light and make it look as if there are candles in the windows.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Use more end rods as pillars at the end of the porch.

Add anything that you prefer and enjoy.