Introduction: Margaret Mead Victorian House in Minecraft Education

This is a guide to show you how to mostly recreate the Margaret Mead House, which is of Victorian style, in Minecraft. This may also serve as a general model and offer general tips in building.

Step 1: Choose Your Materials

First you want to gather the your own desired materials necessary to construct your object or building. For constructing the Margaret Mead House, I used materials that have similar colors including light blue wool, snow, bricks, etc.

Step 2: Outlining

While making any sort of thing, whether in Minecraft or real life, a plan will be valuable in helping you organize your tasks. Begin to outline the dimensions of your object. Using blocks, simply mark where the foundation of your object would be as shown in the sample.

Step 3: Frame

Measure the dimensions of your frame while keeping the scaling consistent. For this build, it was about 24 blocks wide and 13 blocks tall with an additional 17 blocks tall for the steep roof. See example of frame.

Step 4: Details

This is the part that takes some time. There is not much I can say other than experiment with different materials. Utilize various things such as stairs for the roof and slabs for overhangs.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

You are finished after building the rest of the object and detailing. You may want to decorate the surrounding environment if desired.