Introduction: Mario Party 10 Birthday Party Plan

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Another birthday party plan from MimicNecho! Our last one was a Digimon theme for Zander's 8th birthday. You can check that out here:

This one was Kaiden's choice for his 5th birthday. Mario Party has always been a house favorite of ours since I was a kid myself. Mario Party 10 had recently come out and we had just gotten a copy a few weeks before Kaiden's birthday so it was fresh in his mind when it was time to choose his theme.

For those who aren't familiar with Mario Party, it is a video game that first came out on the N64. Mario Party 1-3 are on N64, 4-7 are on the Game Cube, 8-9 are on the Wii, and 10 is on the Wii U. The game has changed alot since the beginning but the basics are that you play as Mario characters on a digital board game. You hit dice blocks to move spaces. Periodically there are mini games that you play throughout the game. The mini games come in 1 player, 1 Vs 3, 2 Vs 2, 4 Vs 4, and boss battles. In Mario Party 10 there is a new type, Bowser Mode, in which the 4 players play against Bowser who can be played by a 5th player using the game pad.

As usual, I pulled in many ideas from the world wide web. I didn't keep track of most of my sources, but some of the ideas I used were not my own.

The basic idea of the party is:

1. The guests come in and choose a character to play as.

2. They play until time for each mini game. I have chosen 7 to play.

3. Play the mini games:

- Dice and Dash

-Bowser's Bogus Bingo

- Boo Burglers

- Spring Fling

- Paintball Battle

- Foo Me Once

- Petey's Bomb Battle

4. Cake and presents

We held the party at our local Burger King.

Step 1: Invitations

Since the party is based on a video game, I wanted to make the invitations look like a game case sleeve.

I used the Mario Party 10 game cover for the front of the invite.

For the back, I made up a version to have all the party information and added his picture.

I have attached the photoshop file here for anyone who wants to edit it. It is also available in my etsy shop:

Step 2: Characters

There are 10 characters to choose from in the game, not including Bowser.

To have each child be a character, I made hats from foam paper for them to wear. There is an Instructable for them here:

In the game, you get mini stars for winning. I think 1st place gets 10, 2nd gets 5, 3rd gets 3, and 4th gets 1.

Also, in each game, your score if it is applicable is kept in a little score bar with the characters photo.

I wanted each character to have a score bar that was the same as in the game. I have attached here the score bars I made for each one.

I wanted to easily be able to change each player's score throughout the party so i decided chalkboard would be the way to go. Hobby Lobby had these paper bags that were made to write on with chalk for pretty cheap and they were on sale for half off so I got those, but they also have chalk board paint and chalk board rolls.

I traced the white part of the score bar and cut it out to use as a template to trace on the chalkboard material and cut it out. Then just glue the chalk paper over the white on the score bar.

*note* At first I tried cutting out the white part from the score bar and just gluing the score bar on a piece of chalk paper. Both methods will work, but cutting it out that way was tedious.

I wasn't sure how many guests would show up so I made 2 hats for each character and those who chose the same the character just shared the score bar.

I hung the score bars on the wall with tape.

Step 3: Dice and Dash

Dice and Dash is a mini game in which you hit a dice block that has 4 options: flower, shell, mushroom, and bowser.

You must get all 3: flower, shell, and mushroom in order to open a door to escape. It doesn't matter in which order you get them. But if you get a bowser, it resets what you have already earned. First one through the door wins.

Here is a link to a video of the game play:

For this game all you need are dice to play, but you have to make the dice like in the game.


dice: you can get boxes of 5 at the dollar tree

card stock

printer and the file attached

scissors and glue


1. print out the file attached here with all he squares

2. cut them out

3. glue an X on the top and bottom of the dice

4. glue one each of the 4 designs on the remaining sides

5. repeat until you have enough


Give each player a die.

Explain the rules. Post the code if you want.

If the players are younger or have questionable honesty, station an adult nearby to help

Have them start rolling the dice.

For us, since we were at Burger King, when they finished the combination, they had to run through the play place and down the slide to finish

Winner got 10 points. Everyone else got 5. There were too many players to keep track of places and work with math that wasn't a multiple of 5.

Step 4: Bowser's Bogus Bingo

In Bowser's Bogus Bingo, you don't want to get bingo. You choose a bingo card, some are more favorable than others and some are stacked against you like you wouldn't believe. Bowser then rolls a die that has 6 different characters on it. He gets 5 rolls. You hope he gets duplicate rolls to save you. For every bingo you get, you lose a point. The person with the least bingos wins.



card stock

printer and files attached

scissors and glue

something to mark your card ( we used small candy)


This is the same idea as for Dice and Dash. Just print out and cut out the squares. The file has 3 copies, but you only need one. Glue one to each side of the dice.

Print out the bingo cards. They are 2 to a page so just cut them apart.


Let the players choose a card and get some markers.

Appoint someone to be Bowser and roll the dice.

Roll the dice 5 times and have the players call out how many bingos they got.

10 points to the player(s) with the least, 5 points to everyone else

Step 5: Spring Fling

This is a 1 vs 3 mini game. Three players run from shape to shape. One player ground pounds on a shape and all players on that shape are flung off.


card stock

printer and files here


pack of cards


just print each of the 4 shapes


Hang the shapes around the room, preferably in corners but we didn't really have corners to work with

Have the players move around and choose a shape to stand by

Draw a card. Whatever suit you draw tells you which shape is out. This is played like 4 corners. All players in that shape area are out.

Play until one player is left.

Winner gets 10 points, all else 5

Step 6: Foo Me Once

In this game there are long platforms separated by a single small platform. The single platforms' positions change between each long one. There are 3 choices: A, 1, and 2. The correct path is shown to you and then the small platforms are concealed. You must remember the path and press the right button to advance each time. The player(s) who reach the end win.



card stock

printer and these files


print 7 each of the A 1 and 2 sheets.


Make 7 rows of A 1 2

Tape them down to hold them in place

Write down your own path. Any 7 part combination using the 3 choices.

Have the players gather at the first row.

Tell them the rules and the correct path sequence. We repeated it 3 times for them.

Have the whole group advance one row. Those that choose the same path will stand in single file line.

Eliminate those who choose the wrong path.

Continue in this to the end.

winners get 10 points, all others 5

Step 7: Paintball Battle

This game was one of the kids' favorites.

In the mini game, the players have paint guns and must shoot each other while not hit. You are out when you get hit 3 times.


colored dot labels


Obviously we couldn't do real paint guns *cry* so we used the stickers for our paint balls.

Give each player a sheet of stickers.

Explain the rules.

Send them off to battle.

We sent them into the play place to battle it out. They played for about 5 minutes or so. We didn't do the 3 hits and out, we had them all play to the end. Then they all came out and we counted the stickers on each person. The one with the least stickers won.

10 points to player with least stickers, all others 5.

Step 8: Boo Burglers

This was the favorite game by far.

This mini game is a 2 vs 2. You go into an area with lots of Boos. Some boos have diamonds in them. One player of each team has a flash light and the other has a net. One shines the light on the boo to see if it has a diamond and holds it there until their team mate can catch it in the net. The team with the most diamonds wins.


white balloons

card stock

printer and diamond file

black sharpie



Print the sheet of diamonds and cut them out. Try to round the sharp edges.

Stretch out the neck of the balloon and insert a diamond or 2 or 3. It is good to have some with more than 1.

Blow up the balloon and tie it.

Use the sharpie to draw on a boo face.

Repeat for as many balloons as you want.


Organize the players into teams of 2.

Explain the rules.

Have them decide who will be the seeker and who will be the popper. Since we couldn't do flash lights and nets, we spread out the boos in the play place and had one player go in and get one and bring it back to the teammate who popped it and collected diamonds.

Call go and send the seekers in.

Continue until all balloons are popped.

Count the diamonds for each team.

Winning team gets 10 points, all others 5.

Step 9: Fruit Cahoots

This was a rough game to manage but the kids loved it. Don't attempt this one unless you have much older kids or lots and lots of adults.

In this mini game the 4 players stand in front of a conveyor belt with plates on it. Some plates have fruit and some have bombs. The players choose whether to move the belt one space or not. After all votes are in and the number of moves are added up, the belt moves that many space forward and each player gets what is on the plate that ends up in front of him/her.


plates (highly recommended to use those sturdy disposable plastic ones, paper ones are too flimsy)

Red and Green Construction paper

scissors and glue

Popsicle sticks or such

Lots of small toys or prizes

roll of masking tape to trace circle


Use the tape roll to trace a circle on a sheet of red paper and a sheet of green.

Cut each out.

Apply glue to one of the circles

place stick half way up the circle so that most sticks out

Place other circle over and press in place.

This will make a voter paddle with one side green and one side red.

Repeat for as many guest as you have.


Since we don't have a conveyor belt, we had to figure out another way. We tried many different ways and found out quickly what does not work. Lucky you, you can learn from our trials.

try 1. Had the kids pass the plates themselves. No good. Smaller kids couldn't hold the voter paddle and their plate and get a new plate at the same time.

try 2. Had a handful of adults take a plate from one player and move it the correct number of places and then take that plate and move it and so on. No good. Got real confusing real fast. Couldn't remember who's had been moved and who's hadn't

try 3. Had once adult for each child to hold the plate and pass it. YAY!

Have the players all stand in a circle and give them each a voter paddle.

Explain the rules.

Have an adult or older child who is not playing stand behind each player. If you don't have enough adults, have one adult for 2 players. Give each adult a plate for each child they are managing.

Place toys and candies on each plate.

Let them all see what is there and plan their vote.

Tell them all to vote by holding up their paddle to show either green to move 1 or red to stay.

Count the votes for green.

Move the plates around counterclockwise that many players.

Each player claims what is on their plate. ( it is good to have bags handy for each player)

Load up the plates again and repeat as many rounds as you like. We played 3 rounds with the best prizes on the last round.

There are no points for this game.

Step 10: Petey's Bomb Battle

This is a boss battle. In this game the players throw bombs at Petey. Periodically, Petey will open his mouth and suck up the bombs thrown and spit them back out at the players who threw them. Players get points for each hit and lose points when hit with bombs. The player with the most hits wins.


card stock

printer and Petey file

scissors and glue

green paper cups

small things to throw into cups (We used foam beads and pom poms from the dollar tree)


Print out Petey sheet

Cut them out

Glue them in paper cup so that most of him sticks out.


Originally each player was to have his or her own Petey and a handful of "bombs" to throw but we didnt really have the space in our venue so we had to change it. I you have the space, I recommend it. So instead, we just loosely arranged the Peteys and had the children play one at a time with limited ammo.

Set up Peteys

Hand out ammo

Explain rules.

Have players throw bombs at Petey until out of ammo

Count bombs in the cup.

Player with most hits wins

10 points for winner, 5 for the rest.

Step 11: Party Foods and Favors

FOOD CARDS for these:

Star Pops: Found the idea here:

Piranha Plants: Use skewers to string along some grapes and top off with a strawberry. I arranged them in a green pale by sticking them into some Styrofoam and covering it with small pebbles.

Toad's Chips: just chips here

1up Burgers: At Burger King so why not


Print and cut out the mustaches.

Hole punch them and insert a straw


Lucky for me, it was just after Easter so those bubble gum eggs were like a quarter a bag.

Print and cut out the Yoshi labels

Remove the label and replace it with the Yoshi one.

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