Introduction: Mario Themed Costumes for Dogs and People

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Mario and Luigi costumes are nothing new, but all it takes it the right furry accessories to step up to the next level .  This instructable will take you through the basics of how the costumes were made and although these were for dogs, the designs could easily be adapted for people.

Step 1: The Chain Chomp

90% of the chain chomp costume revolves around a large, black plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin I picked up at Target.  A quick zip with the jig saw was used to make room for the dog's body so it sat about his shoulders.  The edges were sanded down and a 1 1/4" hole was drilled towards the back to make room for the plastic chain.  Ultimately the chain was attached to the harness by the last link with a cable tie.  Teeth and eyes were cut from a sheet of craft felt and hot glued to the sides.

Step 2: The Koopa Troopa

The Koopa Troopa was a lot more work than the Chain Chomp, but it was worth it in the end.  The outfit is made out of tan, light green, and white fleece, dark green felt, poly fill, and velcro.  The basic design starts with the tan vest using a pattern I copied from another dog vest.  To add the texture of the turtle shell, a small pleat was sewn into the tan fabric every 2 inches prior to cutting the fabric.  A small fold over was sewn around the perimeter and velcro added where the vest attaches under the dog's belly and around the neck.

The light green turtle shell was formed independently and sewn to the tan vest.  This was one of the trickier parts, but I managed by starting with a 3/4 circle, forming a cone, adding as seam 1/3 of the way up, and flipping it inside out.  The shell was stuffed sewn to the vest before adding a white tube around the perimeter.  For the turtle shell pattern I cut a couple larger felt hexagons and eyeballed in the rest of the shapes before hot gluing them on.

The wings were made but cutting the basic shape, sewing the perimeter, and adding two additional seams 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up the wing that run to the midpoint.  Flip it inside out and stuff.

This whole thing could easily be made into a backpack type design 

Step 3: Mario and Luigi

No magic here.  I guess the moral is you don't have to try very hard to get a semi-passable Mario and Luigi.

Navy suspenders, some "newsboy" style hats from Amazon (<$8 each), a color coordinated-shirt and a fake mustache.  The "M" and "L" were just cut from white felt (same as the Chomp) and taped to the hats.  Simple, easy, and a hit.
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