Marshmallow Launcher

Introduction: Marshmallow Launcher

About: I am just a guy that likes to invent with crazy neighbors and other friends and one is metrofishes so please follow him!

This easy and unike contraption will enable you to shoot marshmellows (or rocks!) at your freinds! (Don't use rocks that was just a joke!)

Step 1:

7 Popsicle sticks,rubber bands,spoon

Step 2:

Put 5 popcicle sticks on top of each other and connect them with 2 rubber bands

Step 3:

Get two popcicle sticks on top of each other and only connect it on one end with a rubber band and stick it to the bar

Step 4:

Secure it in the middle.

Step 5:

Connect the spoon to the contraption you made and put a marshmellow on the spoon pull back and launch!

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