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Introduction: Marshmallow Maggots

Marshmallow maggots are a perfect, versatile garnish that make any sweet dish into a creepy halloween delight. And they're very easy to make.

All you'll need is mini marshmallows, scissors and clean hands.

Step 1: Cut and Roll

Take each mini marshmallow and cut it in half. Then take each half and cut into thirds. Finally, take each third and roll between your fingers.

Try to roll the little marshmallow slivers in such a way that the outside edges meet and fold over the sticky side where they were cut.

The middle third will be stickier than the outside two, so you may want to dust it (or your fingers) with a little icing sugar. You may also want to keep a small dish of water and a cloth on hand to clean your fingers of sticky marshmallow residue as you go.

Step 2: Keep Rolling

Keep at it - roll your marshmallows and set them aside on a small plate or cutting board until you have enough to decorate your chosen dessert. This task is easy, if a bit tedious depending on how many maggots you need. Try setting up a rolling station where you can watch tv or listen to music, etc.

Step 3: Garnish

Drop them over a dessert dish like sprinkles or place them carefully for a realistically delicious effect.

Use your marshmallow maggots to decorate a severed foot/hand/limb cake with bloody wounds, a zombie cake, chocolate poop cupcakes, pastry intestines or severed apple heads, etc.

Severed Apple Head Dessert

Pastry Intestines (Use a sweet filling to go with the marshmallow maggots)

Zombie Cake

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it. If I didn't already have an instructable entered in the Halloween food contest, I'd vote for ya! Good luck.


    7 years ago

    That is delightfully disgusting. Maggots give me the creeps.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh me too. I came up with the severed apple heads dessert in blood sauce, bought all the ingredients and then last minute realized that the mini marshmallows I had in my cupboard would make the dish even creepier. After that I got a bunch of ideas on how else to use them and they evolved into a whole separate instructable.