Introduction: Marshmallow Pops

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Easy & fun we did these for Valentines and my daughter requested to do these again for St Patty's, Halloween , Christmas...I bought Candi Quick Vanilla, Used Regular Marshmallows & extra Lg ones from Wal Mart- melt your candi quick as per instructions in your microwave (took me 1 min 30 sec). You will also need holiday appropriate sprinkles we used Red sugar sprinkles & these cute kissy lips & heart sprinkles, also need popsicle sticks for the handle. Once the Candi Quick is melted I had prepped the marshmallows on a plate with the pop sticks sticking out (since I had 2 lil girls helping me make these for their class-it got a bit messy but they had fun).

1. Use appropriate Food color for your holiday (Red=Valentines) just a couple drops
2.. Dip the top of the marshmallow in your candi quick
3.. be ready with your sprinkles-& decorate as u like crazy or cute it all taste good
4..Let ur creation cool down ( we used coffee cups & balanced the pops in there- but they sometimes would stick together) or you can put them in the fridge on wax paper for 1 to 2 min.
5.. Once Cooled down you can package them with the Pop wrappers or for the big marshmallows saran wrap worked fine.
6. ENJOY- your friends & family will love them, they are cute & easy & the girls loved helping out-(thou doing 28 per class proved to be too much for them so I wound up doing the rest)

I hope you enjoyed this is my 1st instructable...Thanks for checking it out & Happy Candy Making :)

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