Introduction: Mashup by Students

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For the Distance Learning with Tinkercad Contest, this project is submitted under the Mashup category.

For this Contest, I provide an assignment to my students, which are on holiday due to covid19.

Some months ago I have introduces them to the tinkercad, and they also make some of the models at that time.


Assignment Outline:

The assignment which I provide them is something like this:

Use Tinkercad to combine (mashup) different objects/things to make a unique object which solves some problem or useful in some way.

The thing which you should combine are can be anything from the following area:

  • School Supplies
  • Gardening Tools/Objects
  • Daily use objects
  • Objects from Sports etc.


As Albert Einstein says “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

I totally believe that students need to be imaginative. And I got a lot of good responses from some of them.

Here are the best ones:

  1. BooPe Holder: Book Holder cum Pen Holder
  2. Dice Planter
  3. Ruler with Comb

I'm sharing those models of them in the following steps. I have copy-pasted those models to my tinkercad account to embed here!

I hope you like those models!


You will need:

  • A free Tinkecad account
  • A Web browser such as Chrome
  • A 3D printer if you plan to print

Step 1: BooPe Holder: Book Holder Cum Pen Holder

First of all the BooPe Holder means Book Holder + Pen Holder.

The basic idea behind this project is that we often have less space on our study desk or sometimes we do not have space to keep our books/ notebooks in such cases, it is convenient to have a book holder with a pen holder attached to it. This will save space and is also handy to use as both things our books/notebooks and the pens are with each other.
Hence to encounter the above problems I mashup the Book/Notebook holder with the Pen holder.

Here is the 3D model of BooPe Holder:

I hope you will like it and make it!

Step 2: Dice Planter

In this model, a Dice is converted to a planter. This design is a combination (mashup) of dice and planter, which give a very unique look to the planter. All edges are smooth, and the drainage hole is also provided at the bottom.

This planter is ideal for a study desk and office desk, which provide a unique and attractive look.

You can change the dimension as you need, just keep it a cube-shaped (all sides equal in length).

Here is the 3D model of Dice Planter:

I hope you will like it and make it!

Step 3: Ruler With Comb

This is a very funny but creative model. Here the Ruler is combined (mashup) with a Comb. Although the 3D model design is not precise the creativity is noticeable.

Here is the 3D model of Ruler with Comb:

I hope you will like it and make it!

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