Introduction: Masking Fine Items Before Painting

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Simple way to mask small details before painting.

Step 1: Original Project

I wanted to update my keyboard keeping in my yellow/black theme. I really liked the chrome DELL on the keyboard and wanted to keep it without painting over it.

Step 2: Go Back to Grade School and Get Your School Glue

I found some of this around.

Step 3: Use the Glue, Luke, Use the Glue (sorry Star Wars Geek Here)

Put the glue over the lettering that you want to cover. Allow the time needed to dry.

Step 4: Paint Away

I painted the keyboard going right over the DELL logo.

Step 5: After Paint Dries

Just peal it off, real easy

Step 6: Start Popping the Keys Back

Step 7: Admire

Hope you found this useful