Introduction: Mason Jar Margaritas & Cordless Drill Daiquiris

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Having some friends over for drinks? Want to save on dish-washing while having fun? Then you should make Mason Jar Margaritas!

In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make blended drinks directly in a home canning jars.

Mixing drinks in individual jars allows for easy beverage preparation, pre-setting drinks, and easy clean up.

If you don't drink alcoholic beverages, you can still make the virgin version or make your own breakfast smoothies!

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Step 1: Tools & Ingredients

To get started, we'll need some kitchen tools and the actual ingredients for making blended margaritas and/or daiquiris.

Mason Jars (Pint size works best for person use, but other sizes are fine as well.)
Optional: Cordless Drill and 1/4" square drive (more on this in Step 6)
Yes, as far as I am concerned, a cordless drill IS a "Kitchen Tool".

Tequila or Rum, Limes/Lime Juice, Simple Syrup
Commercial Margarita pre-mix
Lots of Ice!
Optional: Fresh or Frozen fruit, such as strawberries or peaches

Step 2: Prep in Mason Jar

Get out a clean home canning jar (pint size) of the type made by Mason, Ball, or Kerr.

Fill Jar with ice.

Fill with your favorite Margarita recipe or a commercial pre-mix.

(OPTION: If you like fruit beverages, like a Strawberry Daquiri, add fresh or frozen fruit to the jar as well. Frozen fruit is easy to keep handy, and will help keep the drink cold as well!)

Get out your blender. Unscrew the base of the blender from the glass pitcher.

Put rubber gasket and blades from the blender directly on top of the glass.

Screw the blender pitcher base onto the Mason Jar. (Most, but not all blenders use the exact same threads as a Mason Jar. My blender happens to be an Oster brand.)

You have effectively just made a Magic Bullet type personal blender using items you already have.

Step 3: Blend!

Flip the jar up-side-down, and put on blender.

Making sure that it is firmly in place, and held down with one hand, turn on the blender. If you have an "Ice Crush" setting on your blender, use it.

Pulse the blender until the liquid and ice are well blended.

Remove the jar from the blender, and set it right-side-down.

Unscrew the blender base, and remove the base, blade, and gasket.

If making a series of drinks, pop the blade onto the next prepared glass.

Step 4: DRINK!

Add a straw, garnish with some fruit, sugar, or salt and ENJOY!

The following steps take a look at two other options.

Step 5: Mayo Jar Margaritas

If you are IN ANY WAY concerned about blending hard ICE in fragile GLASS at high speeds, don't be. I've done this LOTS of times and have never broken a glass. Home canning jars are pretty sturdy. They are designed for the temperature changes and pressure of home canning.

That said, they are still glass.

If you would rather use a PLASTIC container, Mayonnaise jars have nearly identical threads and opening size as Mason Jars.

Next time you buy mayo, get it in a plastic jar. When the mayo is gone, wash and save the jar. Use the jar as a shatter-proof alternative to Mason Jars for these blended drinks.

(PS: For any of you folks who make your own mayo from scratch, you could just make it right in the jar you will store it in!)

Step 6: Cordless Drill Daiquiris (and More!)

But what if you want to make a blended drink during a blackout or if you are away from wall power!?

The classic style of blender uses a 1/4" metal drive shaft. If this is the style of blender that you have, you can also make mixed drinks with a cordless drill!

All you need to do is get a 1/4" square drive for your drill. These are typically sold for impact wrenches for use with smaller sockets. You can buy one individually for  a few dollars, or a whole set of several sizes for only a little more.

Put the 1/4" drive in your cordless drill. Set your drill to high-speed if there is a speed selection.

Once you have prepared your beverage in the Jar, screw on the gasket and blades with the base.

Insert the drill 1/4" drive into the blade socket. 

Hold the jar with one hand, and the drill with the other.

Face the jar upside down, and drill until the drink is well blended!

Making Cordless Drill Dauquiris is especially fun while camping! Besides making drinks, it also makes a good portable mixer. For example, you could pre-measure a powdered pancake mix into a jar. On the side, mark where you need to add liquid to (water or milk) for the correct volume for the recipe. You then mix and blend the pancake mix right in the jar. Pour it out onto your hot pan and make those wonderful camping pancakes! You only have one jar to wash when you are all done!

Step 7: Enjoy!

So, next time you have a party, make sure to have plenty of Mason Jars handy!

Make a little blended drink buffet by having out rum, tequila, and your other favorite spirits, along with juice, fruit, and ice. Let your guests fill their glasses with their favorites, and then blend them up!

If you are more of a breakfast smoothie person, keep in mind that this is a great way to make smoothies as well. You can even prepare ingredients the night before, put the canning lid on, save it overnight, and then mix in the morning!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for fun mixed drinks! If you whip up a batch, please post some photos!

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