Introduction: Mason Jar Plant Hanging in Lantern

You will be making a stylish plant hanger which looks good in any environment. This product should only take a maximum of 20 minutes to make, but it will last for years! The plant is easy to access due to the screw top mason jar, so you can water it whenever you want! You will need a lantern case that has an easily opening door on it so that you can access your plant all the time.


You will need: A large lantern/case to put the mason jar in, a mason jar, a small plant, some compost, a small twig, and some string.

Step 1: The Hanging String

Firstly, get your hands on a small twig around 5 cm long and 6 mm in diameter. Then, cut a small notch in the center of the twig. Next, tie a slip knot in the string and attach to the notch in the twig.

Step 2: The Mason Jar Lid

Drill a 9 or 10 mm hole in the center of the lid. This will enable the stick to be poked through, leveled out and suspend the lid in the air.

Step 3: Potting Your Plant

Firstly, you need to place a few centimeters of soil or compost in the bottom of the jar, then proceed to place your plant/plants in the jar. Finally, you top up on the compost to make sure the plant won't die. This part is probably the most tricky, however it depends on the type of plant you are using. I used a few small cacti which meant that it was quite difficult to place them in the jar, but it still worked great!

Step 4: Attaching the Lid to the Lantern

Next, you need to find a place on your case that you could attach the piece of string we used at the start to. Once you find a sufficient place, tie the string onto it and let the lid hang in the air.

Step 5: Screwing on the Jar and Finishing!!!

The final step is simply screwing on the main section of the jar onto the lid. Then there you have it! You've made a hanging plant inside of a mason jar! Well done!

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