Introduction: Mason Jar Pour Over Coffee

Are you a budding coffee drinker who does not want to give your hard-earned dollars to the corporations in exchange for a maker or a Chemex? Maybe you are a minimalist or sustainably-minded individual who wants to make use of what you already own instead of bringing in extra appliances. Or even, you may be planning a camping trip and can't imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to go hiking without the assistance of your good friend Caffeine.

I bring you my solution to all those issues and it only takes 4 things: Coffee grounds, hot water, a coffee filter, and of course... a mason jar!


Pre-ground coffee of your choice, Hot water, Coffee filter, Mason Jar with lid

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

First, make sure that you have the following:

1. Enough ground coffee for your trip or if you are making one jar of coffee you will need roughly a quarter cup of grounds

2. Heat up a little over half a mason jar's worth of water until it is just before boiling. The ideal temperature for pour-over is around 195 degrees Fahrenheit and water boils at approx. 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celcius).

3. Grab a coffee filter or the same number of filters as cups of coffee you will drink if packing for a trip - fun tip is to pack your filters in the mason jar to prevent them from getting crumpled, wet, or tearing!

4. Get a mason jar that has a lid or at minimum the ring for the top

Step 2: Put Filter Onto Jar

You will place the filter into the mouth of the jar - make sure you do not use too much force or your felter will tear and become useless! you want about 2.5 inches of filter on the inside of the jar to make sure there is room for the grounds. Use your fingers to expand the filter once it is inside the jar to make a pocket for the coffee.

Once the filter is placed, screw the ring onto the top of the jar to secure it and prevent it from falling into the jar when wet. You do not need to do this extremely tightly as if it is too tight it will be harder to remove after brewing!

Step 3: Brew the Coffee!

Pour your grounds into the filter and grab your water, its brew'n time!

Pour the water into the jar slowly as to make sure it does not overflow - the water should pass through the grounds at a continuous rate. The pros would say to pour the water in a circular motion to wet the grounds evenly for best results but I have seen coffee shops not do this so I am sure if you don't have the patience you will be fine!

Step 4: Final Touches!

Now you will remove the ring and grounds. CAUTION the JAR AND RING WILL BE HOT! I recommend using a rag or towel to safely remove the ring from the jar or wait until they have cooled a bit before handling.

For you sustainably minded individuals you will be stoked to find out that BOTH the grounds AND the filter are COMPOSTABLE! Throw those babies in there without fear! ( A great comment from Joen is that filters are actually reusable and can be reused by washing out the grounds and letting them dry! so maybe get a few uses out of them before you compost or toss them!) And the mason jar is a built-in reusable cup with a lid for easy transport!

If you are a purist, you are ready to drink! Enjoy and savor that home-brewed coffee that is just as good as that fancy cafe pour over that you could have paid $5 for.

Maybe you brewed this right before bed like I did and don't need that coffee now? Thow that right in the fridge and BOOM, delicious iced coffee in the morning!

Or if you wanna spice it up, through in a dash of your milk of choice and some hazelnut syrup and it makes a sweet treat! Its almost fall so for all you PSL lovers, add a dash of pumpkin spice syrup for a holiday favorite!

I hope you enjoyed this mason jar hack ( or at least relate to my clear coffee addiction ) and please head over to Mason Jar Challenge to vote for my project! Happy Brewing!

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