Introduction: Mason Jar Salad


- Mixed Greens

- Feta Cheese

- Diced Granny Smith Apples

- Large Dice Cucumbers

- Oregano

- Agave

- Dijon Mustard

- Red Wine Vinegar

- Olive Oil

- Mason Jar

Step 1: Making the Dressing

  1. Mix your Olive oil and Red wine vinegar in a small cereal bowl. I like to use one part red wine vinegar and one part olive oil. Just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl
  2. Next, add the Dijon Mustard and Agave. This is to taste. Dijon Mustard makes your dressing more acidic and the agave makes it sweeter. WARNING: Be very careful with the agave as it has a strong flavour and can ruin your dressing if too much is added.
  3. Finally, add the Oregano. Also to taste.

Step 2: Assembling Your Jar

First, add your dressing at the bottom of your Jar being careful not to get it on the sides.

Step 3: Assembling Your Jar (Continued)

Add the cucumbers until they peak slightly above the dressing. This is very important because the cucumber keeps the other more fragile ingredients from getting soggy.

Step 4: Assembling Your Jar (Continued)

Next, add the apples on top of the cucumbers. Be sure when You're adding the layers that you keep in mind how much space you want to be left for the mixed greens.

Step 5: Assembling Your Jar (Continued)

Then add a layer of feta cheese on top of the apples.

Step 6: Assembling Your Jar (Continued)

To complete the assembly of your Mason Jar salad simply fill the rest of your jar with the mixed greens.

Step 7: Storing Your Jar

Screw the lid onto the jar and keep upright and refrigerated until ready to eat. It is incredibly important to keep the jar upright so that the mixed greens, apples, and feta don't get soggy from the dressing.

Step 8: Eating Your Salad

When you are ready to eat your Mason Jar Salad simply turn the jar upside down and shake until all the layers are mixed. Then open and enjoy!!