Introduction: Mason Jar Tissues Holder

this contest immediately inspired me, that's why I chose to made a mason jar tissues holder !


For achieve a mason jar tissues holder it requires :

- a mason jar

- paint ( white, black, gold)

- paintbrushes

- scotch sided tape

- paint’s tape

- tissues

- a pencil, a ruler and paper

- gold paper


Step 1: Step 1

for this, you have to paint the pot in white by making several layers of painting.

Once the pot painting is dry the we draw the triangles : divide the length of the pot into three parts then divide each part into triangles

Step 2: Step 2

the, we paint triangle by putting painter's tape on it

Step 3: Step 3

With the scotch sided tape, we put the golden paper on the back part of the pot plus one on the top part (smaller than the one at the back). To finish, we cut a circle (with a hole in the middle to gate the tissues) in the rigid golden paper to close the pot. This piece of paper has to be correctly blocked at the top of the pot. You can use little quatity of glu (in order to easily move it out when you need to change the tissues).

Step 4:

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