Introduction: Mason Jar Watering

This is a simple lid you can make from materials you might have lying around the house. This took me about ten minutes and didn't cost me anything. If you were to go purchase everything new, it might cost you around $10.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I used an old cheap plastic watering container to take the spout from.

I tried a couple different lids and jar sizes.

You don't have to use a pocket knife, but that was the closest and most efficient tool I had on hand.

Step 2: Poke Holes and Glue Spout

Next, cut out the spout and poke a hole in the lid of the mason jar (about the same size). Then hot glue the spout to the top of the lid.

You will see in the final shot that I also poked two holes in the lid for ventilation as well.

Step 3: Go Water Your Plants

Fill mason jar with water and go have fun! I love using mason jars for everything and I'd rather have just a lid around rather than an entire watering container.

I think the next step I need to do is make a lawn sized one and go water the yard apparently!


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