Introduction: Mason Mask Wash Jar

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The quickest and easiest way to keep your masks separate from your large laundry loads. If you work in retail like myself, or happen to have a large family that uses dozens of masks per week this can help you stay on top of your weekly mask cleaning with ease.


Mason jar (with or without lid)

Laundry Soap


Clothes pins

Step 1: Grab a Rather Large and Clean Mason Jar

Simple enough, right?

Step 2: Grab Your Many Previously Worn Masks

Instead of losing them to the larger laundry pile, just toss them easily into your Mason jar after you walk in your home. I keep my jar right by my back door where my washer and dryer are. Not only does the jar naturally blend with my laundry decor, but it Is also clear so I can easily see when I need to do some washing.

Step 3: Soap, Water and Shake!

Once your jar is full, just add a tablespoon of your favorite laundry soap, fill to the top with water, shake and rinse!

Step 4: Grab Your Clothespins and Get to Hanging Your Masks!

While I enjoy hanging these outdoors, you can also do it off of a group of hangers and place them anywhere in your home to dry. I make sure to wring them by hand before hanging them to dry to help with excess dripping. That’s it! Hope this makes having a clean mask readily available for you or your family. Stay safe everyone!

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