Introduction: Massduino-UNO-CORE

The MINI Arduino UNO, Very beautiful, Very useful.


○ MD-328D core module

○ Onboard 3.3V LDO

○ Standard USB2Serial interface for uploading and debugging

○ Onboard 2.4GHz RF Module (Optional)

○ 100% Arduino development environment

○ Vertical double row connector, minimum size on the main board

○ Full UNO IO supported

Step 1: The Devices

To use Massduino-uno-core, you must use UC-2102 and the adapter plate, Massduino-uno-core is not a new product.We have released the Arduino-uno-core before. why we need to release Massduino-uno-core,It's because of the MCU MD-328-D, it is more powerful than 328P, but low cost, so why don't we create a more cost-effective uno - core? So Massduino series was born. the most special is the Massduino-core, so I write this article to introduce Massduino-uno-core.

Step 2: The MD-328D

MCU: MD-328D 32K Flash 2K SRAM 16bit ADC

Working Voltage : 3.3V with onboard LDO

Input Voltage: DC 4.5 to 12V

3.3V Output Current : 300mA MAX

PCBA Size: 20 x 35mm

Bootloader preprogramming : Massduino MD-328D I put Datasheets there, help it can help you.

Step 3: The Massduino-uno-core

We do the demo to show the operation of Arduino-uno-core,

Step 4: Connect

Connect the UC-2102, the adapter plate and Massduino-uno-core

Step 5: The Configuiation

Open the Arduino IDE and check the configuration and download.

Step 6: Results

Then you can see the LEDs start flowing.

Step 7: The Code

boolean state = false;

void setup() {

// put your setup code here, to run once:

for (int i = 0 ; i < 22 ; i++ ) { pinMode( i , OUTPUT );

digitalWrite( i , LOW );



void loop() {

// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

if (state) {


digitalWrite( 0 , LOW );


for (int i = 0 ; i < 22 ; i++ ) {

digitalWrite( i , HIGH );



state = false;


else { for (int i = 22 ; i >0 ; i-- )

{ digitalWrite( i , LOW ); delay(100); }

state = true;



Step 8: The Video

Step 9: Https://

UNO Core

UM-UNO design LED IO status indicator & Prototype DIY shield for Arduino UNO R3

USB 2.0 SERIAL for Arduino UC-2102 USB to UART Cable 2.45mm to 2.0mm