Introduction: Master Chief Pop Up/3d Card

here,  i will show you how to make a halo 3 master chief mark vi pop up/ 3d hemet with led lights.

Step 1: What Ya Need!

picture of helmet
backround paper
big paper cutter
green, yellow or gold, and black paper
led lights
coin batter
hole puncher
syrofoam pop up pads

Step 2: Print the Helmet

search up the picture of the helmet you wantto print, and print it.

Step 3: Cutting

cut the helmet into different componets depending on the layers of 3d you want

or just follow this picture

Step 4: Tracing

trace the components to the coordinating color and cut.

Step 5: Starting to Glue

glue the first layer of components on (as if you were looking to the front of it and the components youre gluing are those far back)
glue the flashlight holders, the visor, top parte op helmet, rim, sun visor bottom, cheek and jaw protctor, tubes,nose, pading.
or make your own combination of layers (go to next step for more details)

Step 6: Adding Pop Up/ 3d Components On

using the styrofoam pads,wich could be bought at any craft store, putt it on  the remaining components making it look 3d
or, if you chose to leave out a few, you could add 2 pads to add the number of layers of 3d.

Step 7: Backround Paper

rim the backround paper so your hole puncher can reach the helmets flaslights later on.

Step 8: Led Lights

punch holes into the paper where the flashlights are, tut the lights in, and attach coin batteries like in the picture.

Step 9: Done

view your work of pride!!! challenge

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