Introduction: Match Rocket

A very simple match rocket that can be made with kitchen and office supplies.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Aluminium Foil
2. A box of Matches
3. A candle (optional you could use a lighter)
4. A paper clip
5. Scissors

Step 2: Cutting the Foil

Cut a rectangle about 5x7 cm out of aluminium foil

Step 3: Assembly

Cut the heads off two matches and discard the sticks. Then place the two match heads in the foil with another matchstick.

Step 4: Wrap

Wrap tightly and then fold off the top where the match heads are.

Step 5: Remove the Stick

Carefully remove the match stick without crumpling the foil.

Step 6: Make the Stand

Get your paper clip and fold it so it looks like the image.

Step 7: Fire

Place the stand on the candle and the slide the rocket over the stand. Be careful not to crumple the exhaust pipe (the bit where the matchstick was). Take it outside and light the candle. Wait about 30 seconds and it will (hopefully) fly up. If your rocket doesn't work make sure the exhaust pipe is not crumpled.

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