Introduction: Match Stick Greeting Card

Match stick greeting cards are quick n easy to make cards for all occasions. Its just gonna take u a few minutes ti make a card for any1..... :D
what you will need--
1)wax match sticks
2)thick hand made paper for the base

Step 1: Shape Your Card

With the help of a pencil, scale and scissors cut your handmade sheet of the desired size and fold it into half....

Step 2: Making the Flower

To make the flower you will have to observe the match stick's body will see a cut on it....with the help of you nails open the body of the match stick....this will become you petal....make a couple of these depending on the size of you flower....
Once your done with all the petals you just need to place them right....
one side of the petal is waxy while the other is not...u have to stick the petals with the non waxy layer towards yourself.... 

Step 3:

You can also paint d petal,add glitter, make a stem for the flower or leave it as such....
Write a message n your card is ready!!!!!