Introduction: Matches to Mini Matchbook

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Let's take some matches and turn them into adorable little matchbooks!

Step 1: Matchbox and Supplies

A box of large kitchen matches from a store (bet you figured that out), plus;


  • Scissors
  • Swingline stapler (Have you seen my stapler?)
  • Index cards or suitable cardstock
  • cork-backed ruler
  • utility or craft knife
  • needle-nose and cutting pliers

Step 2: Index Card Casing

A single index card was cut into five little "booklets", approx 1" X 2 1/8th"

Each one was folded twice, as to close in on itself, like a matchbook

Any heavy paper, like card stock, would be suitable for this project

I do plan on updating this 'ible with pdfs and logos, for distribution purposes, so let me know what you think

Step 3: Cut and Combine

Four matches is the perfect size to staple together

Remove the bottom 3/5ths of the matches (I used a cutting pliers) so they'll fit inside the housing

After that, place them in the paper housing and staple it all together with a striker pad on the back

It may seem tricky, but you'll get the hang of it after one or two

Using glue, or additional staples, may ease this process for you

Step 4: Crimp and Finish

The stapler I used didn't have quite enough punching power, but a quick squeeze from a needle-nose pliers fixed that right up.

Fold the paper housing in on itself, and, voila! A teensy matchbook that actually works!

Slightly bigger than a quarter, yet fully functional, take it with you or stockpile wherever you go!

If you liked if or found it inspiring, let me know! Plus, VOTE!

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