Introduction: Meal Plan

Do you have a problem to choose your weekly meals? To plan them?
Well, this project will generate a week meal plan with the food you like.


- A device that can run a Browser

- Text editor Software

Step 1: Download the Code

To use this project you need to download the code from

There you will find a button "Clone or download", click in the button and if you don't use Git or SVN just Download the Zip and unzip the folder in a location as your preference.

Step 2: Configurations

To Add, Edit or Delete products or choose the "Control and Free Pass Days" you need to edit the file index.html.
Add, Edit or Delete Vegetables, Proteins or Free Meals:
Change the arrays variables vegetables, proteins or freemeals

Original array

var freemeals = ['MC', 'BQ', 'steak with french fries','lasagna', 'pasta a la bolognesa'];

I wanto to add Pizza
var freemeals = ['MC', 'BQ', 'steak with french fries','lasagna', 'pasta a la bolognesa', 'pizza'];

Save the file and Pizza will be an option ;)

To define the Control(Diet or Healthy food) and Free Days (Not so healthy food) you need to change the arrays: control_days and free_days.
This arrays only have numbers and each number represent a day of the week starting from 1 to 7.
So if you want to have a full week of Healthy food just made this change:

var control_days = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7];

var free_days = [];

Save the file and all days of the week will have a meal of 1 protein and 2 different vegetables.

Step 3: Run the Aplication

To Run/Open the application you only need to open the file index.html in a browser like Chrome or Firefox.
The week Meal Plan will be generated automatically and if you want another plan just refresh the page and a new one will be generated.

Step 4: DIY