Introduction: Meat Pie Recipe


  • 2 pounds of chop meat
  • 1 bag of frozen veggies (ex peas carrots and green bean mix)
  • 1 can of chopped cooked potato or fresh chopped cooked potato
  • 3 heaping spoon full of corn starch
  • 4-6 cups of water
  • 2 medium onions or 1 large onions
  • 5 bouillon cubes ( you can add more or less)


  • cutting board
  • pan the size seen in the pictures
  • knife
  • liquid measuring cup
  • wooden spoon

Step 1: Chopping Onions

Dice onions into size you would like in your pie. I used 2 medium sized onions. If you don't like onions as much you can use less.

Step 2: Brown Meat With Onions

Mix together the onions and chop meat until the meat is browned. Chop up the meat as you go. turn on medium to high heat.

Step 3: Adding the Water and Bouilon Cubes

Add 4-6 cups of water and then 5 bouillon cubes. Turn heat to medium let boil for about 20 minutes, you can add more or less bouillon cubes if you want.

Step 4: Add Veggies

Add frozen vegetables. Let cook for about 15 minutes.

Step 5: Thicken It

Add about 3 heaping spoonfuls of cornstarch to milk and mix it together and pour it into slowly until thickened.

Step 6: Add Potatoes

Add potatoes in right before adding them in the pie crust. Turn oven to 350

Step 7: Pie Crust

Roll out pie crust to size you want and then place in the pie pan.

Step 8: Fill the Pie

Fill the pie all the way up and then put the top layer on the pie

Step 9: Pinch the Edges

Pinch the edges of the pie by squishing it with your two fingers like the picture shows above

Step 10: Cut Air Pockets

Cut air pockets in the pie so it doesn't explode in your oven you can make it any design you want.

Step 11: Bake

Bake the pie for about 20 minutes and its ok if the crust fell off it happens all the time i just got lucky that time.