Introduction: Meatloaf Pannini on Garlic Sourdough

My husband requests meatloaf for dinner a lot...because he knows we'll be having this the next day. Leftover slices of meatloaf, mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers on garlic-butter slathered sourdough bread, grilled until crisp and's wonderful, and simple. I've made it with traditional beef and with turkey meatloaf, and it's always good.

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients

Cut meatloaf into 1/4 to half inch slices. If you are using a round sourdough loaf of bread, you will need 1 1/2 slices of meatloaf for each pannini. Cut mozzarella cheese into slices- it melts better than shredded, although shredded will work. Drain excess liquid off of roasted red peppers, and make sure the butter or margarine is room temperature for easy spreading. Slice the sourdough bread into slices about 1/4 inch thick ( I use the slices from the center of the loaf because they are bigger.)

Step 2: Assemble Pannin

Preheat your pannini press, griddle, or frying pan to medium high. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread- sprinkle liberally with garlic powder or granulated garlic. Lay one piece of bread, butter side down, on hot griddle/press. Top with slices of meatloaf, roasted red pepper slices, and mozzerella cheese. Finish with the second piece of buttered sourdough, butter side up.

Step 3: Cook

If you are using a pannini press or griddle like mine, just close and cook for 7 -10 minutes, or until bread is crisp and golden and cheese is melted. On a flat griddle or frying pan, cook until golden, then flip and use a spatula to press the sandwich together, and cook until both sides are crisp and golden.

Step 4: Plate and Serve!

When the sandwich is crisp and golden on both sides, and the cheese is melted, slice each sandwich in half and serve. Enjoy!