Medicial Honey BandAids

Introduction: Medicial Honey BandAids

Introducing natural anti-bacterial honey band-aids created by members of Mrs. Nic's Bio-sub.Club. We used store bought Johnson & Johnson brand plain sheer strip band-aids and coated the pads with thin layers of either organic honey, organic honey and aloe sap, or organic honey and eucalypus essential oil.

Step 1: Introducing Honey Coated Band-aids---naturally Anti-bacterial


Your choice of band-aids with untreated pads.... We like the thicker pads by Johnson & Johnson.

Aloe sap ---broken off and squeezed

Local organic honey --thin layer

Eucalyptus essential oil ---one drop per pad

Tools for spreading: flat sponge stick and/or q-tip

Step 2: Comparison Shopping

Our club members studied CVS anti-bacterial band-aids that did not explain contents in detail --just wrote hydro-colloid. We wanted to be specific about labeling our natural anti-bacterial coating on the pads.

Step 3: Photos of Process. Wrapped in Beeswrap TM

These photos help tell the story. My club members continue to accept feedback and re-engineer their bee products.

Cheers and Here's to the BEES everywhere. Thank you to the googol power.

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    Update from Belmont Chapter of Bio-sub.Club:

    Highlights include: Ages 8-12 have done more tests of different quantities of ingredients for making Bee's Wrap (trademarked by Vermont farm mom and sold by Amazon and Cambridge Naturals Shop). Meanwhile, at our summer camp we are not allowed to use any electric heating unit to melt the beeswax. Thus, we are having fun making a solar reflector that can generate around 150 degrees to melt sheets of wax to impregnate the organic muslin cloth. For other ingredients, go to inventor's website:

    IMG_1812.JPGIMG_1784.JPGIMG_1821.JPG2014-04-16 05.44.43.jpg