Introduction: Medicial Honey BandAids

Introducing natural anti-bacterial honey band-aids created by members of Mrs. Nic's Bio-sub.Club. We used store bought Johnson & Johnson brand plain sheer strip band-aids and coated the pads with thin layers of either organic honey, organic honey and aloe sap, or organic honey and eucalypus essential oil.

Step 1: Introducing Honey Coated Band-aids---naturally Anti-bacterial


Your choice of band-aids with untreated pads.... We like the thicker pads by Johnson & Johnson.

Aloe sap ---broken off and squeezed

Local organic honey --thin layer

Eucalyptus essential oil ---one drop per pad

Tools for spreading: flat sponge stick and/or q-tip

Step 2: Comparison Shopping

Our club members studied CVS anti-bacterial band-aids that did not explain contents in detail --just wrote hydro-colloid. We wanted to be specific about labeling our natural anti-bacterial coating on the pads.

Step 3: Photos of Process. Wrapped in Beeswrap TM

These photos help tell the story. My club members continue to accept feedback and re-engineer their bee products.

Cheers and Here's to the BEES everywhere. Thank you to the googol power.