Introduction: Medicine Reminder

Today, more and more people need to take some medicine to control some diseases in their bodies. However, some people will forget about eating medicine, this project may help you remember when should you eat the medicine, and it can help you a lot.


Here is what you need

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino speaker

Step motor

breadboard and some jumpers

Enclosure and some tapes ( for enclosure

Step 1: Put the Motor on the Boards

First of all, connect the basic lines you need on the breadboard. Then, connect the jumpers on the step motor, make sure you don't connect the wrong electrode, it can cause your board to be broken. Put the four lines on the step motor in Digital Pin 2-5, make sure everything is correct. After that, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Put the Speaker on the Breadboard

After putting the step motor on the breadboard, the next step is to put the second important thing in our project- the speaker on the breadboard. It is really easy. Use a line to connect to the black line, and use that line to connect to the GND line. And then, use another line to connect to the red line, and use that line to connect to the Digital Pin 11. After that, you can move on to the enclosure.

Step 3: Put It in Enclosure

Choose a small box that can be perfectly fit with the Arduino breadboard, then put it in. Make sure you don't let the line wrap together. After that, open a small hole on the top of the enclosure, to let your step motor to come out, you will have to tape it, otherwise, it will fall down. Then, also open a small hole in the side of the enclosure, so that the USB line from your computer can be connected to the breadboard.

Step 4: Put on the Straw

After the finish putting the board in the enclosure, it is now time to put a thing to help the medicine show in front of you when it is time to take medicine. First, you have to have a straw. Then, cut a small hole on the straw, which it can fit with the step motor on your enclosure. After that, just easily put it on the step motor. It will move and help you hit the medicine down to where you take it.

Step 5: The Code

Just easily press this website, you can find the code inside, it is really easy and good to understand

Finally, after that, we can move on to the last step

Step 6: Add What You Want!

At last, after adding everything on the breadboard, you can start to add what you want. For me, I added a slide to let the medicine drop on the slide to remember me after a sound. Also, I out a calendar beside my machine, so when I have to take medicine, I can take a check after I finish it. You can also make your own changes by yourself. It all depends on you.

Step 7: Video Link

Go watch the video about how it works, Here is the link:

Step 8: Conclusion

This is an easy project that can help you a lot when you have to take medicine. There are also a lot of things you can change by your own creativity in this project, hopefully, you will like it very much!