Introduction: Medieval Medicine Journal

For my school project, I made a medieval medicine journal. I will show you the steps of how to make your own and a fun extra project at the end of making one of the recipes in the book.


You will need...

- Cardstock or normal paper

- Sharpie

- Tea

- Rope/something to tie with

Extra Project:

- (Whatever you need for your recipe)

- I used essential oils so... cinnamon, eucalyptus, clove, lemon, rosemary.

Step 1: Find Medieval Medicine Recipes

Go online (I went to Pinterest) and find however many different recipes of medieval medicine that you will want to use in the book. I used four recipes.

Step 2: Tea-Stain and Cut

Next, however many recipes you chose, grab half the amount of paper. (I used cardstock.) You then cut the paper in half so the size of the book will be roughly the same size as a small journal. Make a cup of tea, just hot water and the tea bag, not actual tea so no milk or sugar, and put it in a big cup. Crumple up the paper and put it in the cup for about 15-30 seconds then remove the paper and flatten it out to dry.

Step 3: Write

Once the paper is dry, write out your recipes onto the paper in pencil so you can check for spelling and sizing. Then go over your recipes with a sharpie or a fineliner. I used sharpie so it would be bigger and easier to read. Only write on one side of the page so it will be easier to read when done. I also decided to make a cover page and table of contents.

Step 4: Tie It

Make sure that all the papers are facing the same way and lined up straight. Put the recipes in order (Especially if you made a table of contents.) Then use a hole puncher to puncture the top corner of the pages. (You can either do one hole like me or three along the side.) Use a piece of rope or string to tie the pages together with a bow and make sure to double knot it.

Step 5: Extra Project

If you want to add something fun and extra to your project, chose one of your favourite recipes and recreate it. I chose the 'Thieves Oil Blend'. I used essential oils to make this recipe.

Step 6: Grab Your ‚ÄčIngredients

The ingredients I used were 20 drops of cinnamon essential oil, 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 40 drops clove essential oil, 35 drops lemon essential oil, and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.

Step 7: Finish the Recipe

Next, I put all the ingredients into a small vile and shook for 2 minutes. Now I can use this to clear out my sinuses any time my nose is stuffy or I feel it's hard to breathe through. Now, you are done and ready to show your friends, family, classmates, and teacher! Enjoy showing off your work.