Introduction: Medievil Minecraft PE House

This is a very good and cosy Medievil house for minecraft PE.

Step 1: The Base

Build a 11x8 base of the house made of cobblestone and your choise of wood with a colourd floor.

Step 2: The Structure

Next build 3 blocks up of cobblestone and wood on top of the first layer and leave room for windows and the door, the windows 3x2

Step 3: The Upper Floor

Now you need to get any kind of wood stairs and place them all around the top of the first layer ( must be upside down ) and then put stone brick posts 4 high on all 4 corners.

Step 4: The Walls

Next you need to build the walls for the upper floor these must be made from a dark colourd clay and in the front wall leave a hole for the window (4x2) and also you need to make 4 more posts 1 block inwards from the previous posts and also fill them with clay ( no holes ).

Step 5: The Walls

Now you need to fill in the sides of the second layer, leaving holes for the windows (4x2) also if you haven't already fill in the very top layer with clay.

Step 6: The Roof

Now you need to put the lid on it by going up 3 stairs on the top layer and around the bottom of the very top layer put some stairs just for decoration.