Introduction: Medium Size Survival Kit and First Aid.

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OK, so I posted my carry kit already, ,here. This is a bit larger that goes with us camping by clipping on the side of my pack via the Buddy-Lok system. When It's not with me Hiking it's in the car, quick at hand.

i have an added update that it not pictured. I added about 5 ft (total) of para cord via cobra weave to the zipper pulls.
As well as a knife (which was suggested in the comments),
Water purification tablets,
and a backup, small, cheap, pay-as-you-go cell (The cell battery is separated from the contact via as small piece of paper to extend storage life and the phone is wrapped in plastic to combat moisture.)

I'm sure the cell is overkill, but with 3 children the chance that it will allow a call out is well worth the  little weight it adds.
Even if the time on the phone runs out it still allows a call to 911.
As well the cell battery can be used to spark a fire if needed.

Step 1:

In it are the following:

1. Bullion Cubes
2. small sewing kit
3. Iodized salt
4. Aluminum foil
5. Sugar
6. Forceps
7. (LOL) this one is odd but it works great. 2x fire starters (Tampons soaked in Vaseline, not as messy as loose cotton balls.)
8. Soap
9. wire
10. Mosquito wipes
11. fishing tackle (clear container has trout flies)
12. Emergency blanket
13. Button compass
14. 2nd more elaborate fishing kit (which I will cover in another instructable)
15. Gauze pads and alcohol wipes
16. Nail file
17. Wire saw
18. Nail clippers
19. Magnesium fire starter
20. Betadine
21. Waterproof matches
22. Medical tape
23. Bandage

In the plastic containers:

24. Elmer's glue
25. Neosporin
26. Vaseline
27. Liquid powder
28. Cold tabs
29. Basic carry kit with Band-aides, alcohol wipes and other small things