Introduction: Mega Cable Tester

This is a way to test all of those NEW cables that you have been making. This is an idea i had while working for a company. that is the reason for the weird female connectors.

Step 1: The Requirements

To make this PCB you will need the following.


  • Arduino IDE
  • Eagle (any other PCB drawing app)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • Arduino Mega2560
  • LCD keypad for Arduino UNO
  • Programming cable
  • The Printed PCB
  • a Printer
  • a Soldering iron

The Connectors:

  • RJ45 x2
  • RJ11 x2
  • DB9 x1
  • DB25 x1
  • IOT mini x1

Step 2: Planning the Pcb

When drawing the pcb on the schematic remember to save constantly.

When you are ready to send the pcb design of to a company to print the boards first print it on a normal sheet of paper to the size 1:1 and fit all of the components onto the sheet. This is to ensure that all of the components fits perfect onto the board. The files for my pcb board and schematic is attached, sorry for the mess in the schematic file I needed to redo it in a hurry and didn't have time to redo it.

Unfortunately my eagle crashed when doing this so no photos of my schematic sorry :(.

Step 3: Programming

I just made the code to test if a normal RJ45 to RJ45 cable.

Just a few clarifications:

APin1 = A is for analog pin and the number would be for which pin on the connector

MPin1 = M is for the digital pins and the number would be for which pin on the connector

Step 4: Assebling the Board

Place the connectors on the board flip the board an solder it to the board. Unfortunately my connectors haven't arrived yet so I can't show finished pictures.

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