Introduction: Memory Stick Wood Brass Aluminium Style

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I don't condone how I did it. I had
thread dies in the right size and in fine thread, so I used those. I cut them slightly out of straight, so I had to work a little to work around that. If you thread it in a other way you should do that … I wanted to make a USB Stick you can have on your Key ring, but where you dont have to have the whole Key ring hanging of my freaking motherbord and bending it and damaging the USB connection. You get what I am saying ... . So I wanted to attach the Keys on the cap, but since I wouldn't trust any connection for not losing the USB Stick,when I do it that way, but for a threaded connection, or connections that are even harder to do I was forced to do it, that way... by the way I feel like it wouln't be worth it to make sceaches/ putting them here, because you guys, I'm sure, all have a diffrent Idea on how to do that and have diffrent setups and have diffrent Memory sticks....soooooo

Step 1: USB Rescue From Its Shell

I first freed the Memory stick board
(USB Stick in german) from its shell and then coating it. I coat it with CA glue and backing powder, but I don't endorse that (!), because CA glue is very chemicaly active and agressive... so maybe hotglue?

Step 2: Aluminium Cap

turning, drilling, threading, forming
from the backside, cutting off, turning around and making it beautiful with a file, drilling a cross hole. I get that that is a really bad tutorial, BUT If you don't know how to use a metal lathe savely you shouldn't listen to me and I can't help you. SORRY! Just one remark... espacially with Alumininum you can do rougly round nice and organic forms without a form tool nor a CNC lathe! Just use both handles at the same time for the rougth shape (its not hard but its not that difficult) (what tool you should use? That what works savely... normal stuff, nothing special) then you take a file to the thing and file the lines away... don't kill yourself doing that, please. I used a free forming tool and Sanding paper on the woodturning lathe so its a little less dangerous and more comfertable.

Step 3: Brass Thingy

I did all the turning from the backside
and then I cut the Threads … it was hard to hold on to and I guess there is where the die went off straight. What I should have done is turn the threaded side first then tread it while its still on the stock and then part it off, then thread it onto the cap and turn/ drill the backside while the aluminum part is chucked up.... then I could have made the seem better as well.

Well, now I know and you do too. Althoug you maybe known before. Maybe you are as stupid as me if you didn't... Maybe. But I guess your excuse might be that you didn't hade time to think about it... you would be correct or course and you outsmarted me again, you smartypants , Maybe you can actualley can speak english or give a huuut how things are writen and you can make yourself understood... anyway

Then I drilled a little and filed a little in order to fit the USB PCB in there. The better it fits the better it looks, also try out if the USB sticks out of the hole enougth to connect to a PC and then a little extra...

Step 4: Now to the Wood Part

oh jeah, I put a O-Ring sealing between
the cap and the brass body

Whatever I took a nice piece of wood turned it very rougth and made it to fit the brass part, let everything else be oversized. Then I drilled in the face to fit the USB board and the brass thingy. Just drill some holes side to side file a little and repeat if it doesn't fit, until it fits. Then glue these tree things together. I used „montagekleber“ and CA glue. Maybe silicone would wörk to fill the crevice in the wood and then glue the wood to the brass with some CA or epoxy would also wörk... well I dont know.

Step 5: Fine Woodturning

well you could use it like this but I
turned it nicely. I just chucked the Cap in the Lathe, screwed the Memory Stick in and turned it. Be careful that you turn it the „right way“ so it doesnt unscrew. You should be fine if you have a normal lathe and put a „normal thread“ on there... Be carefull not to turn to deep otherwise you will regret it, I think you know what I meeeeeean. Oh jeah I sanded everything and finished the wood.

Step 6: The End

If someone accually does that or is
inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want and tell me about my nigarian unkle that died...