Introduction: Men in Black Gun

In this Instructable I will be sharing how I built a Men In Black gun for Halloween.

Step 1: Materials

What I decided to do this Halloween is to go green. I wanted to make my gun out of recycled stuff, so I saved up containers and different things made out of cardboard to make my gun.

What I used to make my gun:

- Cardboard tube that Lowes was going to throw away.
- Pudding Cups (not in picture)
- Pringles can
- Yard stick that I got for free (not in picture)
- Toilet paper roll
- Old cardboard box (not in picture)
- 1ft. of old board (not in picture)

Step 2: Making the Handle

For making the handle I found an old 1x3 board in my dad's shed. It was just a little too long so I cut it to 1ft long. On one of the ends I roughly drew a 15 degree angle and cut it off there.

After I brought the board inside I placed my fingers on it in the way I would hold it. Then I drew around each of my fingers.  Then I took a 3/4 in. drill bit and drilled out each hole making sure there was at least 1/4 in. around each hole so it wouldn't break.

After that I took a coping saw and cut around the outside of each hole to make it look cooler.
Finally I sanded around all of the edges to make it more rounded.

Step 3: Putting on Decorations That Make It Look Cool.

What I did for some of the decorations is I took five pudding cups and I hot glued them in a straight line on top of the gun.

Step 4: Attaching the Handle to the Barrel (part 1)

To attach the handle to the barrel I cut about a 2in. x 3/4in. rectangle into the end of my barrel. To cut this I used my dad's rotary tool and a cut-off wheel. Then I just slid the handle in there and hot glued it in.

Step 5: Building the Support Arm Handle.

For this I used a pringles can and some cardboard. 
First I traced around the pringles can on some cardboard and then cut it out.
After that I hot glued the round piece of cardboard to the pringles can.
Next I cut the pringles can in half long ways with a knife and the metal part on the bottom with my dad's rotary tool.
Finally I glued it to the underside of the gun and  took a piece of card stock and glued it to the pringles can then to the gun to fill the gap. 

Step 6: Adding More Cool Decorations

What I did this time was that I took the yard stick and glued it to the top of the pudding cups and to the front of the gun. At the back of the gun, right behind the pudding cups, I had to score the yard stick to bend it down. Then I glued it.

Step 7: Making a Cover for the Front of the Barrel

For people to not see inside the front of the barrel I decided to make a little cover for it.
So what I did was I stood the gun on end and traced around it like before and then I cut it out.
Then I stood a toilet paper roll on end in the center of the disk I just cut out and traced it and I cut that out.
After that I hot glued the toilet paper roll in the hole of the disk and I put a little piece of duct tape on the end of the T.P. roll.
Finally I hot glued the whole thing ontho the front of the gun.

Step 8: Attaching Handle to the Barrel (part 2)

As to not see into the barrel I decided to make a cardboard cover. The way I did this was I got an old cardboard box and stood the gun on end and traced around it. After that I cut it out and then I cut out roughly a 2in by 3/4in rectangle and kept making the rectangle longer till it fit correctly.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

When I had everything on the gun that I wanted to be, I spray painted the whole thing with a Krylon Metallic finish.

Heres some pictures of the completed gun and I hope you try to make your own and try some of your own green ideas.

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