Introduction: Mermaid Hair Tutorial

About: My name is Danielle. My instructable are focused on hair tutorials. I love cats more than anything (:

A how to video on achieveing the "mermaid hair" look which is quite popular at this current time.
In this tutorial ill be using a hair straightener instead of the three barrel hair curler.

Watch the video of me doing this <3:

Step 1: Prepare Hair

To prepare the hair brush it throroughly and remove knots. 
If you have really curly hair already it might be a good idea to straighten it a few hours before so it's easier to manage.

Step 2: Creating the Wave

To creat the wave take a 1-2  inch bunch of hair.
Take the straightener and clamp it starting at the hair roots and hold on that one spot and twist the hairstraightener inward. Holf for 5-10 seconds then release the clamp and move down 1cm and clamp again. Twist the hairstraightener outward. Continue this 1 cm down twisting up, then down.
You will notice crrimped lines forming on your strands, that is normal!! 

Step 3: Brush Out Crimping Lines

Seperate the strands of hair with your fingers, and lightly brush through, this should create a more natural result.

Step 4: Crimp Desired Amount of Hair and You're Done!