Introduction: Mesh Truck Grill for Under $15

I recently installed air horns in my Son's Ford Ranger truck. He wanted a grill to protect them so we came up with this

Step 1: Make a Template

We purchased some expanded metal from the nearby metal store. I made a template out of cardboard and then cut and bent the expanded metal to fit around the outside of the inside edge of the grill.

Step 2: Primer and Paint

We primered and painted both sides of the grill ...this keeps the rust demons away. We used bumper chrome for the paint as it stands out against the black truck.

Step 3: Mounting

After 24 hours we fastened the grill to the back of the original Ford grill with black zap straps to hold it tight. Gluing was unnecessary as we want to be able to remove it, if it gets covered in bugs or requires a paint touch up. This is extremely secure as well. The black zap straps are unseen against the original grill.

Step 4: Finished Product!!!!

A couple hours work that looks nice and protects the radiator and the air horns.