Introduction: Mesmerising Glass Jar Night Light for Your Superhero Kid!

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As winter is coming and evenings are getting darker and darker, even grownups find it hard to settle down for a night. But evenings always should be about comfort and cosiness while being around family. This homemade glass jar night light is the perfect fit for your scared little prince or princess - use your little ones favorite toy, whether it's a unicorn, superhero or favorite animal; a warm light next to bed will warm their hearts at night and make them happy to wake up next to their idol every morning!

This project star is the old and good glass jar, so the final product won't take a fortune out of your pocket; most of supplies are easily accessible at almost every home and not a one costs more than 2 bucks!

For this you will need:

  • a glass jar or bottle
  • frosted glass effect spray
  • small stickers
  • fairy lights
  • hot glue
  • your kiddo's favorite superhero
  • acrylic paint and brush

Step 1: Sticky Stickers

Start by placing stickers on a glass jar one by one with a fair distance between them. This step is a great way to incorporate your kids. They will love this sensory activity!

Step 2: Spray It!

Spray the jar with frosted glass effect spray. A this time, little steps go long way - start by spraying a single thin layer and let it dry completely before adding next layers. For me, two layers were enough. When glass is dry, carefully peel off stickers.

Step 3: Paint the Lid!

I really enjoy rustic looking paint with texture so I used paint brush for applying. If you prefer smooth finish, you are welcome to use white spray paint! (Quick tip: use hair dryer for lightspeed fast drying)

Step 4: Add the Toy!

Attach your little ones favorite toy to a lid with hot glue gun.

Step 5: Make the Magic!

Loosen up the fairylights and place them into the jar. Screw on the lid and place it next to your kiddo's bed for instant happiness! Done! Sleeping time will always be much more calming and relaxing now (and you just saved a fortune)!

Afternotes: you can always add calming and relaxing essential oils to this night light for even more relaxing evenings - just drop few drops on a toy or a lid!

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