Introduction: Mess Free Chicken Feeder

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Chickens make a mess with their feed. This easy to make Chicken Feeder will prevent waste going on the ground, feed getting pooped on, feed getting wet and rodents getting into it.


1x 5 gallon bucket
4x 3" 45 degree pvc elbows
3" hole saw or jigsaw
Caulk and caulking gun
Heat gun, recommended
Chain or rope
Quick snaps
Chicken Feed.....and lower feed bill

Step 1: Cut Holes

Trace elbows on 4 equally spaced sides of the bucket about 2 to 3 inches from bottom of the bucket. Ensure that the elbow (with elbow pointed down) will not touch the bottom of the inside bucket, if it does move your positioning up. Cut holes with hole saw or jig saw (drill a pilot hole first for jigsaw).

Step 2: Position Elbows

Position the elbows pointed down inside the bucket. (If used a holesaw, you may have to use a heat gun to heat up around the hole to push the elbows through) Leave about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the elbow extending out of the bucket. With all the elbows positioned and pointed down, apply caulk against where the elbow meets the inside wall of the bucket. (Don't apply it to the outside of the bucket and elbow as the chickens will peck it and pull it off)

Step 3: Fill With Feed and Hang

And you just made your Mess Free Chicken Feeder. Time to fill it full and hang it off a chain or rope with a quick snaps. Hang about the height of the base of the chicken's neck or slightly higher. Hanging from a chain will allow for easy height adjustment as your chickens grow or as needed. Notice my Metal Feeder in the picture, which makes a mess and will be replaced once I make another No Mess Feeder. Enjoy your lower feed bill.

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