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Hi Instructables!  These are all year round flowers, made with cutlery, ladles and large spoons, pots, and steel rods.  My father and I made these last summer, after I found the original instructable, by member blrplt1 (  We bought some old spoons and forks, and a ladle at a garage sale.  Then we went up to the family farm and welded the smaller one together.  To make sure it stuck in the ground, we welded a steel rod with the tip cut at an angle to anchor it in the ground onto the back of the ladle.  The sunflower, the larger of the pair, was more difficult.  It was made with an aluminium pot, and since we don't know how to weld aluminium we had to rivet each of the peices of cutlery to it.  We had to drill each hole in the pot seperatly, and drilled two peices of cutlery at a time using a drill press.  When we brought them home, I thought they looked a little boring, so I used a propane torch to colour the spoons.  The places where the metal was blued have now rusted over, making the flowers look like they are a couple years old.  Please vote for us in the I Made It Photo Contest, and rate this instructable if you enjoyed it.

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