Introduction: Metal Punch Prints

This is a small instructable about basic metal punching. But before you go pounding your fists into I-beams... it'll explain it's self!

Step 1: Pick an Image

First start out by picking a simple line image from the web. Then, print the image but be sure to adjust the scale so that the image will fit on your metal. (I used a fleur-de-lis.)

Step 2: Cut Your Image

Pretty straightforward here! Just cut your image so that it can fit nicely over your metal without extra margins.

Step 3: Cut Your Metal

Then, take your scissors and, unless your metal is already a perfect fit for the image, cut out a piece that can fit your image.

Step 4: Apply Your Image

Place and angle your image the way you want it to turn out, then tape it down.

Step 5: Punch

Take your punch and line it up with the line you want to start with, then give it two light whacks so that it makes an indent and so that it doesn't go through. Move your punch along the line another millimeter or so and give it two more light whacks. Keep doing this around your shape.

Step 6: Unbend

If at any point your metal gets bent while whacking just flip it over and give it a few taps on its back side.

Step 7: Remove Image

Now remove the tape on your image and lift it off. If you see any weak punches go ahead and give them another tap or two. You then should be able to see a distinct metal version of your starting picture. Congratulations! you're done!

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