Introduction: Metallic Dipped Concrete Planter

Using metallic paint for DIY projects is so popular these it should almost have its own category. This finish looks especially great on concrete, adding a little bit of glam to an organic surface. In this post I am going to show you how to use reusable planter molds, where to find them, and how to achieve this finish.

Step 1: Supplies

1x 60 lb bag of basic concrete mix— Quikrete or Sakrete ready to use mixtures will work great!

1x Set of Plastic molds- History Stones Cortona Planter.

1x Base mold- Small Base Mold

1x Trowel/ hoe/ or shovel- For mixing the concrete

1x Plastic Tub for mixing- similar to what is shown in the photo below.

1x Can of cooking spray- Used as a lubricant for your mold.

1x gallon- Water!! of course you will need water. I recommend having a gallon or less on hand. You will slowly mix this in until you have the right consistency.

Step 2: Make Your Planter

Step 1:

Pour your dry concrete into a large plastic tub and mix in water slowly. Consistency: Make a fist with the cement. You want it to be at least as thick as peanut butter where it can start to come out the sides of your fingers. However not so think that water is running out. * Using too much water can lead to cracking around the edges where water has settled once it is finished. Step

2: Spray down the inside of your Planter mold and the outside or your sphere mold ( or whatever you are going to use to hollow the center of your planter) with Cooking spray. Pam cooking spray works great- any others brands with the same consistency will work as well!

Step 3: Use a small trowel or shovel to scoop a few scoops of concrete into your planter mold. Then place the sphere mold in the planter mold and keep filling around the edges. Place water or extra concrete in the sphere to weigh it down. *It is good to tap and shake the mold a few times throughout your pouring process if you wish to eliminate air bubbles.

Step 4: Let your concrete set for about an hour. Then rotate or swivel the sphere (or inside mold) so that it is easy to remove once your planter has dried. I recommend doing this at least one more time 12 hours later. You can even take the sphere mold out at that point. Let dry about 24hrs.

Step 5: Walahhhhh! That’s it.. your done! Remove the sphere and unmold your planter over grass or two pieces of wood (something that will keep it from hitting a hard surface on its way out.) You will be surprised by how easy it is to get out of the mold.

Step 3: Paint Your Planter!

Finally! Its time for the fun part.. Adding the glam to your hard work.


1x can of metallic spray paint ( I used KYRON silver metallic paint for outdoor)

1x roll of painters tape. ( I used 2" wide tape)

Step 1: Mask off the inside edge and outside edge where you do not want the paint to go. This will give you a nice clean line. Also, lay something like cardboard down to protect your surfaces.

Step 2: Safety first-- Wear appropriate material to cover your face so you are not breathing in the chemicals. Those really cant be good for you..

Step 3: Shake your can.. and go! The paint dries within minutes and you can remove your painters tape to see the beautiful clean line between the glittery surface and your concrete.

For more new projects visit Thank you for taking the time to read my article!- Tala

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