Introduction: Personalize a Garden Bench

Oh the possibilities! Personalizing garden benches can add significant meaning to your yard. Maybe a pet has passed, or you have a special message to share. Sure, there are a few techniques for adding text or images to your concrete art. Some as simple as painting on concrete. When Angel Hernandez sent me these photos of her latest project I was eager to learn what she used and how she did it. The lines are clean and the letters are spaced so perfectly! Here are the secrets to creating a bench like hers!

Step 1: Supplies

1x Bench Mold-

1x Bench Mold Instructions

1x Vynal Lettering - (This site lets you customize fonts and placement)

1x 80 lb bag of concrete

1x can Ace Metallic Paint ( or any other outdoor paint of your choosing)

- Paint brushes in a few different sizes

Step 2: Place Your Letters in Your Mold

* Remove the sticky film from the Vynal then place your letters on the mold

(Make sure the writing is backwards or mirrored, as shown in the photo)

* Spray cooking spray evenly over the inside of the bench mold and on the letters.

* Pour the concrete mixture into the mold slowly and tapp the sides of the bench mold to get air bubbles out.

* Let dry for 24hrs. If you leave it longer that is fine.

Step 3: Painting Your Letters

* Remove your Vynal letters

* Tape the stencil to the bench (over the letters)

* Use paint brushes and paint to fill in your letters

* Let the paint dry