Introduction: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Earrings

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I'm going to Disney World this summer for the first time and I'm so excited! I have be to Disneyland in California, but that was one of the most okay trips I've been on. So for this trip I want to go all out with Disney themed things to wear. And what better way to do that is to wear the most iconic couple of Disney.

Supplies :
* polymer clay (black, red, yellow)
* eye pin
* jewelry pliers
* jump rings
* sculpting tools
* earring findings

Step 1: Minnie Mouse°○°

First roll out two equal balls of balls of black clay and flatten them. Then take four smaller balls of clay and flatten them as well. This is the most important step of making the earings, because if the one head is larger than the other then your ears will look lopsided. And we don't want lopsided earrings, now do we. Determine which side it the back and smooth the ears in place with the head, making sure to try to kept the full circle of the ears. As for Minnie's bow, make two small balls of red clay. Smush the clay into little triangles and with a toothpick create the dimples. Then add a little piece of clay for the middle of the bow. Add a eye pin, that's it for Minnie!

Step 2: Micky Mouse °○°

Now for Micky, since you already made the head roll out a thin sheet of red clay. Cut it in half, the stright line will be the top of Mickey's pants. Press the red clay on the head and make sure to cover the edges. Cut off the excess. Roll out two really small balls of yellow clay for the buttons and press them on. A good way to remove fingerprints from your clay is to dab a Q tip in rubbing achool and wipe away the fingerprints. Add an eye pin in the center and bake according to your clays instructions. I baked my at 240°F for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Disney!!!

I had so much fun going to Disney World for the first time. I even got to march in the Festival Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom!!! And I earned my rare Mickey Mouse ear hat for doing so. I would LOVE to go back and do it all again.
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