Introduction: Micro Brush for Macro Shooting

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Who does not know, the problem of dust removal in small objects. Especially in macro photography, every grain of dust quickly turns into big stone and every thread into a thick rope. Blowing usually does not help much, especially with the sticky cobwebs. Even a fine brush becomes a thick brush in the macro area, which often causes more damage than cleans.
The following instructions show how to quickly and easily create a perfect macro photography pen.

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Step 1: Get a Hair for the Macro Brush

As hair for the macro brush, different starting materials are suitable.
From the hair of a cleaning brush to an eyelash anything is possible. The smaller and more sensitive the object to be cleaned, the finer and more elastic the brush hair used should be.

Step 2: Cut the Match Head

The stem of the Macropole is a simple match in which the head is cut off.

Step 3: Attach the Hair

In one end of the match you cut with the cutter about 7 mm long slot. A pin is inserted into the slot to spread the slot. The brush hair is placed there with tweezers and the pin is pulled out again so that the slit closes.

Step 4: Gluing the Brush Handle

Along the length of the slit rub one finger of glue around all four edges of the coating.

Step 5: Fix the Hair

Then wrap as quickly as possible - before the glue dries - firmly a thread around the splice. So the thread is permanently fixed and can not slip. Cut off loose ends. Done is the brush

Step 6: Complete

Cut off loose ends. Done is the brush. Here with an eyelash instead of an artificial hair.