Introduction: Micro Greens - Perfect for Indoors

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Hello everybody,

Microgreens are now essential part of our food style, if not start adding that to your purchase list or even best grow at your house. You don't require lot of space, nor time or very special attention you just have water daily. That's all. They can be grown with little amount of sunlight.

They are aromatic, nutritional and flavourful. What else is required ?!? In my view they are crunchy too.

Most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper they are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants. They are consumed in the stage its 2 to 3 inch height.

Step 1: Supplies

I'm gonna keep my microgreens in my room for a while and planned to transfer to kitchen. Hence i wanted to decorate in a beautiful way so as its eye appealing for others who are entering my room. This is just my imagination, there are numerous other ways to decorate it.

1) Soil - As required

2) Egg shells - 4 Nos

3) Fenugreek - Handful

4) Chia seeds - 1 Tbsp

5) Whole wheat - 1/2 Cup

6) Old sponge (taken from powder puff)

7) Pista shells (optional)

Step 2: Soak Wheat

Soak whole wheat in water over night and drain the water in morning

Step 3: Keep It Damp

After soaking wheat, take a wet cotton cloth with pores in it, its should be wet i.e., damp not water dripping wet. Tie a knot and keep aside, once in while i.e., gap of 6 hours check whether cloth has become dry, if so sprinkle some water in it.

After 24 hours open and check for sprouting. Wheat takes more time for sprouting

Step 4: Day 2 of Wheat Soaking I.e., 48 Hours

After 48 hour duration, finally wheat started showing up its tiny roots

Step 5: Soak Fenugreek

Fenugreek doesn't require special soaking or sprouting time period. Soak it overnight, within night it would increased double the size by absorbing water. This can be directly planted

Step 6: Decorate

I didn't have any craft requirement at this time and also no shops to purchase. i managed to do something which was lying useless around here. This sponge with the base bed for chia seeds. Sponge is selected as it can retain moisture in it but in less quantity which is perfect for chia sprouting.

I added thermocol as it adds support to sponge and capable of holding it.

Using tooth pick and i connected them

Step 7: Chia Table

I wanted to make a setup, which you will see in upcoming steps. In order to give a projection for table, i used old pen cap as stand

Step 8: Field Made Ready

Add the soil in box, but before poke holes at the four corners and centre for extra water to drain. Place the round at centre and four shell around. This is the setup.

Step 9: Sponge Table to Chia Table

Spray little water and start throwing the chia seeds. They will get glued to surface since it has moisture

Step 10: Shell Decoration

Honestly i didn't have any decorative stones used in fish bowls or tanks. Suddenly while eating pista it striked why not to add these as faux stones, they were perfect match. It really bought out the beauty

Step 11: Watering

Other two seeds haven't been planted yet, but one thing is chia base have to be kept in moisture. Use spray bottle to water it. Do it, frequently like 3 to 4 hours once so that i has moisture and not too watery.

Step 12: Plough for Fenugreek

After watering sorry spraying for chia, Put on the soaked fenugreek seeds, after putting arrange them in way they are not indurance to each other's growth using needle or toothpick clear out the way. Apply soil above it but don't press. It should be as seed is breathable

Step 13: Prepare Your Egg Head

I wanted to grow wheat grass in egg shell as it will funny to look nice attraction to this setup. Put soil carefully into the egg shell. Don't put to full leave, put till 3/4th of egg

Step 14: Last But Not Least

Put on the sprouted wheat grass after 48 hours, place them very carefully. Tuser will be handy in this situation, i didn't have those. I placed using my hands and then moved them with tooth pick inside egg shell. Each egg i planted about 12 wheat sprouts. Add little soil and cover them. Don't press let it breathe

Step 15: Green Era Begins

Next day morning after the set up, very few fenugreek have shown their way up

Step 16: April 23

This is after 2 days, now all i.e., wheat grass, chia sprouts and fenugreek are introduced to outside world and shining brightly in morning sun. They should be kept in proper ventilation, your room or kitchen anywhere but atleast they shouldnget half and hour sunlight each day for photosynthesis. Even led setup works but i'm lazy to set it up. Naturally ample amount of sunlight is available then why to go for LED. I'll do the spraying let the sun do the rest

Step 17: April 24

Finally chia have started lifting its head in groups. There is growth increment compared to yesterday

Step 18: April 25

All the sprout around have started showing its head. Its eye appealing in the morning

Step 19: April 26

Fenugreek are straight and trying to overtake wheat grass. In this stage i can smell fenugreek scent its filled in room.

Once my beautiful egg head village ready within days. I'll sure post those photo in upcoming days

Step 20: Giving Life

I wanna convert egg shell into egg heads. i had bought these little eyes long time before. can't believe it was useful for this. Just normal craft and start sticking the googly eyes

Step 21: Put a Smile

Atleast one i wanted a girl, hence i tied her wheat grass hair using yarn thread. Used permanent marker to draw the smiles. Each egg heads got their own expression. I even have kept name for them. Its Amy, Ed, Pete and Bill

Step 22: Thank You

I hope these eggheads created smile in your face.

These are easily possible in each and every home, they are very economical. No hardship in taking care. Above all its very nutritious to consume.

Even toddlers will be happy to eat these as they are crunchy and has flavour in them.

Grow these in your kitchen, use them fresh and enjoy every appetite.

Eat good food, stay healthy ;)

Adios !!!

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